When Nils Økland accepted a spontanious winter invitation into Georg Buljo´s recording studio it became a documentation of a dark season meeting between two of Norways most interesting folk musicians.

«Neve», the new album from Saami Artist of the Year Georg Buljo (yoik) and Nils Økland (fiddle) started out unpretentious and spontanious. The result has become a slow and mentitative alleviation during wintertimes darkness.

Buljo has composed all the music and builds on his Saami traditions with the yoik as the main base but brings along Scandinavian moods and phrases that gives the music a more medival and unceasing feel. The tempos are often slow and they seem to be quite comfortable bringing warmth into their musical winter lavvo rather than to rush towards spring.

Georg Buljo invited Nils Økland to what was supposed to be a quick studio session to check out some new material. This December session in 2010 ended up as a musical print of two artist meeting during the darkest part of the year in Norway, with a calm and friendly atmosphere embroidering their vocal and fiddle lines together into a contemplative and soothering dark season meeting.

The album title «Neve», snow in Italian, and track titles like «Winter Darkness», «Glo» («Glow») and «Solsnu» («The sun turns») give hints and clues of where to put your imagination but the material contains no lyrics.

Georg Buljo conceived «the new wave» in Saami music as a part of the new generation that redefines Saami culture following Mari Boine and the late Nils-Aslak Valkeapää (Ailohas).

Nils Økland is a remarkable fiddle player, performing on both Hardanger fiddle, violin, and viola d’amore. Økland operates at the interface between Norwegian folk music, improvisation and contemporary music. His music has won an international audience, has made him a sought-after musician for various collaborations and he has released several solo albums on Rune Grammofon and ECM records.

Buljo says he has enormous respect for and is very greatful for playing with Nils Økland:

«I first met Nils while studying music and he played this traditional stuff that blew my mind. He had an unique feel for time and phrasing. When I found out that he improvised and had an understanding of punkrock as well I knew I wanted to work with him.

I must admit that it took me quite some time to get the courage to invite him into one of my projects. He´s a unique musician».

«Ancient moods at Galleriet. The audience took a break from the world outside with Georg Buljo at his concert in Harstad, Norway – June 25th 2014.
Clear and distinct yoiking voice, beautiful trumpet tones and great landscape photographs as backdrop made the moments together with Georg Buljo and Per Willy Aaserud unforgettable. From the first second we were drawn direct into Sápmi, and thoughts easily flew away towards mountain hiking and idyllic summerdays.»

Harstad Tidene